Play therapy is a counselling method used to connect with children by encouraging expression through creative play in an environment in which the child may feel less inhibited. Play therapists gain valuable insight into a child’s emotional and behavioural wellbeing while in the playroom by observing how the child expresses themselves in the space created within the imagination. However, these insights are limited to sessions in which the play therapist is a direct observer of the child.

The progress made during the play therapy session needs to continue outside of the play room. Play therapists have the knowledge, but lack the tools to securely share pertinent information with parents to understand their child’s development.

By working synergistically with the child, the parent, and the therapist, the developmental outcomes can drastically improve through the use of a single platform accompanied by a physical tool.


Earphone concept design

Prototyping earphones

Meditate with Ludo

Earphones In-situ 


Ludo featured in The Annual UNSW 2022

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