I am a product designer based in Sydney.

I hold a Bachelor of Design degree, specialising in Interaction Design and Graphic Design from the esteemed University of New South Wales.

My design journey is fuelled by a profound passion for making a meaningful impact. I thrive on projects that prioritise the welfare of individuals and aim to contribute positively to society.

Specialising in collaborating with founders and startups, I excel in crafting strategic designs. My expertise lies in enhancing user experiences and molding distinct visual identities that truly encapsulate the essence of each project.

Before fully immersing myself in the world of design, I devoted nearly a decade to the health and wellness sector. This experience not only polished my understanding of human needs but also cultivated a profound sense of empathy.

At the core of my design philosophy is a commitment to life-centered design. I am dedicated to creating solutions that not only please the eye but also enhance the lives of those they touch. By fostering collaboration and cultivating environments that benefit everyone, I aim to be a catalyst for positive change.


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